Hammond Electronics, Inc., the leader in providing technology and creative solutions.   Hammond Electronics, Inc., the leader in providing technology and creative solutions.


Special Services from Hammond

Inventory Management Programs*

  • Just In Time Inventory
    We understand the special requirements of our customers using just in time. We offer customized delivery schedules, shipments in the quantities you require, when you need them and consolidated deliveries from multiple vendors with the ease of working with a single supplier.
  • Bonded Inventory
    Allow us to hold the inventory for you. For those critical items which must be available to you on a moments notice, we can reserve inventory specifically for you in either our corporate warehouse or at the warehouse closest to your manufacturing location.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory - MRP
    Let our pipeline management experts eliminate the headaches of over-inventory and under-inventory situations. Using your forecasting management system, we will dramatically reduce your inventory costs while keeping your production lines supplied with product. We know how to optimize the pipeline for you.
  • Automatic Inventory Replenishment
    Let our state of the art computer system take the hassle out of keeping your store room and production supplies flowing.
  • Consigned Inventory
    Inventory at your site ready for immediate use insures you are never out of stock.
  • Store Room Inventory Management* (Breadman, Demand Pull, Kanban)
    Inventory is your most costly asset. Let us manage your store room to insure you have the parts you need on hand, when you need them and at the lowest possible cost of ownership.
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Order entry/Invoicing/Shipping Solutions

  • Complete EDI capabilities
    Hammond Electronics has complete capabilities for Electronic Data Interchange. (ANSI X12 Standard) EDI provides secure and accurate order entry eliminating the need to manually re-enter data. EDI transactions typically include order entry, order acknowledgement and invoicing.
  • Bar Coding
    Standard bar coding per EIA standard as well as custom bar coding per customer samples is available
  • Special Packaging
    ESD packaging, special customer requirements and Military packaging to DESC requirements are a part of our everyday routine.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
    Inventory is costly, paying for it can also add unnecessary expense - Let us show you how to minimize this expense using Electronic Fund Transfer
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Technical Solutions

Hammond sponsored technical seminars for Engineers and Plant Maintenance personnel can be held in your facility to help you overcome today's most challenging application and maintenance problems and keep you abreast of the latest innovations in the industry. Our team of technical specialists will help you meet your daily challenges from application to implementation with product demonstrations in your environment and with your applications.


Outsourcing Solutions

  • Custom Assembly
    Custom cable and wire harnesses, custom kitting, parts modification and termination and a multitude of made to order assemblies are available from Hammond Assembly Solutions . "Delivered on time - Done right the first time"
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On-Line Order Entry

For your convenience you can place your orders on-line. Complete and submit our On-Line Order Form and you order will be processed immediately. One of our sales representatives will promptly advise you of delivery information via phone, fax or E-Mail.

*Annual purchase requirements may apply

Hammond Electronics Inc. maintains a great deal of flexibility in our service offerings. If you require a service that is not currently offered please contact us. We will be happy to evaluate methods to accommodate your request.



Quality Policy

It is our policy to ensure customer satisfaction by providing products and services that conform to all requirements.

Our commitment to Quality extends to all employees. As a team we are dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement in all facets of our business. Conformance is achieved throughout our Quality Process by prevention rather than inspection.

It is this total commitment to excellence that makes Hammond Electronics the Quality Leader in electronics distribution.